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There, I fixed the 10-year challenge for you.

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az aks delete --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP --name $CLUSTER_NAME --yes --no-wait

Yes. ... No, wait!

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Amazing. Train a network to classify papers (accept/reject). Then run the network on the paper describing the network, and it classifies the paper as a strong reject. This is why we can't have nice paper classifiers. (h/t @hardmaru) arxiv.org/abs/1812.08775

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Habsburg Yellow. In a multinational central European empire, all official buildings used the same color, to create unity & visual identity.

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How true are Hollywood 'Based on a True Story' films? interactive, bit.ly/2Go7LO9 Code by @omidpyc@twitter.com Research: @dr_s_tomasevic Data: bit.ly/2BdgSfg


"The first thing that players will notice is AlphaZero's style, says Matthew Sadler – “the way its pieces swarm around the opponent’s king with purpose and power”. Underpinning that, he says, is AlphaZero’s highly dynamic game play that maximises the activity and mobility of its own pieces while minimising the activity and mobility of its opponent’s pieces."

"As the number of cores per x86 socket has steadily increased over the past decade, that has had a profound impact on licensing. Vendors such as Microsoft for applications like Windows Server and SQL server, Oracle for its database software, and others have moved to per-core licensing. With per core license costs that can often cost more than the entire CPU itself, Intel started providing specialized SKUs for these markets."


Price discrimination distorts.

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What a cool dataset! ”Here is some evidence for how territorial wolves are. This map is the result of 68,000 GPS-locations from 7 wolves in different packs from this past summer.” Learn more: facebook.com/331156237709732/p

Blogged, a week ago: "The Uneasy Relationship Between Dependency Injection and Integration Testing"



"Software has bugs, and catching bugs can involve lots of effort. This book addresses this problem by automating software testing, specifically by generating tests automatically. Recent years have seen the development of novel techniques that lead to dramatic improvements in test generation and software testing. They now are mature enough to be assembled in a book – even with executable code."


"At this point I was doubting my sanity, so we went next door to Blake and David, who were senior coders in our company and usually voices of reason. They were talking about their own problem, but I interrupted them and gave them the Scissor statement. Blake gave the reasonable response – why are you bothering me with this stupid wrong garbage? But David had the same confusion Shiri did and started arguing that the idea made total sense."

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Microsoft trivia. The first version of Microsoft's C++ compiler (1992) came with 14 printed books totaling 10,107 pages, along with 23 floppies. The image is from an internal packing list used in manufacturing. The 40lb box was packaged at a factory that packaged volleyball nets.


"Our progress on public roads is made possible by our deep investment in simulation. By the end of the month, we’ll cross 7 billion miles driven in our virtual world (that’s 10 million miles every single day). In simulation, we can recreate any encounter we have on the road and make situations even more challenging through “fuzzing.” We can test new skills, refine existing ones, and practice extremely rare encounters"


"Typeclasses are typically taught by drawing parallels with method overloading (another form of ad hoc polymorphism), and Java-like interfaces (a form of subtyping polymorphism).

[...] In this post I’ll try to focus on their differences and show that their similarities are only superficial."

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