Lukáš Lánský

"Notice that nearly 30% of the smallest decile (10%) of schools were in the top 25 at some point during 1997-2000 but only 1.2% of the schools in the largest decile ever made the top 25.

Seeing this data many people concluded that small schools were better and so they began to push to build smaller schools and break up larger schools. Can you see the problem?"

"Dopamine—commonly known as the brain’s pleasure signal—has often been thought of as analogous to the reward prediction error signal used in AI reinforcement learning algorithms. [...] We propose that dopamine’s role goes beyond just using reward to learn the value of past actions and that it plays an integral role, specifically within the prefrontal cortex area, in allowing us to learn efficiently, rapidly and flexibly on new tasks."

"It is notable that throughout the monetary union period, Germany has been investing less in manufacturing than both Italy and France. And only with the crisis of 2008 has Italy’s investment in the service sector fallen substantially below that of Germany, while France has invested more in the sector than Germany almost continuously throughout monetary union."

"The really fascinating part about pix2pix is that it is a general-purpose image-to-image translation. Instead of designing custom networks for each of the tasks [...], it’s the same model handling all of them – just trained on different datasets for each task."

"IntelliCode generates recommendations by using a machine-learning model that is trained on thousands of public codebases – today it uses over 2000 GitHub repos that each have more than 100 stars to ensure that you’re benefiting from best practices."

"Over the last five years, deep learning-based methods have revolutionised a wide range of applications, for example those requiring understanding of pictures, speech and natural language. For computer scientists, a naturally arising question is whether computers learn to understand source code?"

"Our most important insight is that careful developer workflow integration is key for static analysis tool adoption. While tool authors may believe developers should be delighted by a list of probable defects in code they have written, in practice we did not find such a list motivates developers to fix the defects."

"Though still modest compared with other cities in Europe, rents in Berlin have risen 75% in the last five years. A recent survey by the property consultant group Knight Frank showed that property prices in Berlin rose 21% in 2017, the steepest rate in its survey of 150 cities around the world and far above the average increase of 4.5%."

"What happens when you introduce non-volatile memory (NVM) to the world of Java? In theory, with a heap backed by NVM, we should get persistence for free? It’s not quite that straightforward of course, but Espresso gets you pretty close."