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I asked @OpenAI@twitter.com's (smaller) GPT-2 about the trolley problem this morning 😳

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OpenAI asked a bot to read most of the Harry Potter fanfic movie scripts on the Internet and then asked it to write Harry Potter movies of its own.

Jeff Wu and @Miles_Brundage@twitter.com of @OpenAI@twitter.com kindly gave this prompt (+1st 2 dialog lines) to the full GPT-2 model for me.

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Tensorflow models "but with types". Looks like @dsyme@twitter.com has been busy knocking off items on @migueldeicaza@twitter.com's wish list.

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Another interesting thing: the figure 8 psi interpolation. 0/middle=global mean - a brown-eyed brown-haired girl. Fair enough. 1 vs -1 are opposites. What's the opposite of gray eyes/short brown hair? red eyes/long purple hair, apparently. red eyes/long red? yellow/short blue.

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There, I fixed the 10-year challenge for you.

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Amazing. Train a network to classify papers (accept/reject). Then run the network on the paper describing the network, and it classifies the paper as a strong reject. This is why we can't have nice paper classifiers. (h/t @hardmaru) arxiv.org/abs/1812.08775

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Habsburg Yellow. In a multinational central European empire, all official buildings used the same color, to create unity & visual identity.

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How true are Hollywood 'Based on a True Story' films? interactive, bit.ly/2Go7LO9 Code by @omidpyc@twitter.com Research: @dr_s_tomasevic Data: bit.ly/2BdgSfg

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What a cool dataset! ”Here is some evidence for how territorial wolves are. This map is the result of 68,000 GPS-locations from 7 wolves in different packs from this past summer.” Learn more: facebook.com/331156237709732/p

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Microsoft trivia. The first version of Microsoft's C++ compiler (1992) came with 14 printed books totaling 10,107 pages, along with 23 floppies. The image is from an internal packing list used in manufacturing. The 40lb box was packaged at a factory that packaged volleyball nets.

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Ever wondered which version of the .NET Framework developers have on their machine and how fast they install updates? Here's 5 years of aggregate data from @postsharp CEIP users.


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