"As the number of cores per x86 socket has steadily increased over the past decade, that has had a profound impact on licensing. Vendors such as Microsoft for applications like Windows Server and SQL server, Oracle for its database software, and others have moved to per-core licensing. With per core license costs that can often cost more than the entire CPU itself, Intel started providing specialized SKUs for these markets."


Price discrimination distorts.

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What a cool dataset! ”Here is some evidence for how territorial wolves are. This map is the result of 68,000 GPS-locations from 7 wolves in different packs from this past summer.” Learn more: facebook.com/331156237709732/p

Blogged, a week ago: "The Uneasy Relationship Between Dependency Injection and Integration Testing"


I'm glad for any discussion -- it's better to correct me on Reddit than letting me damage code I write for living. :-)


"Software has bugs, and catching bugs can involve lots of effort. This book addresses this problem by automating software testing, specifically by generating tests automatically. Recent years have seen the development of novel techniques that lead to dramatic improvements in test generation and software testing. They now are mature enough to be assembled in a book – even with executable code."


"At this point I was doubting my sanity, so we went next door to Blake and David, who were senior coders in our company and usually voices of reason. They were talking about their own problem, but I interrupted them and gave them the Scissor statement. Blake gave the reasonable response – why are you bothering me with this stupid wrong garbage? But David had the same confusion Shiri did and started arguing that the idea made total sense."

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Microsoft trivia. The first version of Microsoft's C++ compiler (1992) came with 14 printed books totaling 10,107 pages, along with 23 floppies. The image is from an internal packing list used in manufacturing. The 40lb box was packaged at a factory that packaged volleyball nets.

@svick I would like to see it used in a manner that would allow users to select and develop these transactional "games" (as in Games People Play) they would like to play between each other. I don't think it can be effectively decided at the platform level for everyone.


"Our progress on public roads is made possible by our deep investment in simulation. By the end of the month, we’ll cross 7 billion miles driven in our virtual world (that’s 10 million miles every single day). In simulation, we can recreate any encounter we have on the road and make situations even more challenging through “fuzzing.” We can test new skills, refine existing ones, and practice extremely rare encounters"


"Typeclasses are typically taught by drawing parallels with method overloading (another form of ad hoc polymorphism), and Java-like interfaces (a form of subtyping polymorphism).

[...] In this post I’ll try to focus on their differences and show that their similarities are only superficial."


Hazel: parts of programs that are not written yet should have a type too. Cf. Roslyn pragmatic approach to "compiler as a service" design.


"Cutting annual mean concentration of particulate matter smaller than 10 μm (PM10) in China to the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard (50 μg/m3) would move people from the median to the 63rd percentile (verbal test scores) and the 58th percentile (math test scores), respectively."

@svick I think it was the last release before Windows 10.

I just upgraded my daywork codebase from 4.5.2. As much as I understand the point of having stable base, it's a shame Microsoft didn't include some shiny APIs into these upgrade paths to sweeten the transitions and convince PMs.

@mboehm I don't know, it surfaced without much context at some random Internet discussion.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/ seems more precise. "There is growing evidence that healthy lifestyles may decrease the rate of cognitive decline seen with aging and help delay the onset of cognitive symptoms in the setting of age-associated diseases." is unsettling though.

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Ever wondered which version of the .NET Framework developers have on their machine and how fast they install updates? Here's 5 years of aggregate data from @postsharp CEIP users.


"What’s the next thing that Google and only Google can make Chrome do? Concerned about shared computers but you’re not Google? There is no neutral API to log someone out from Chrome and prevent data from being synced if it’s about person A logging into Facebook in person B’s Chrome profile."


"Put together, the Unwrap<T> itself is effectively a recursively defined structural pattern matching type. You can see it reference itself once you walk into UnwrappedArray<T> and UnwrappedObject<T> types. As it recurses, it matches the type it has and then ‘peels away’ the wrappings that have been caused by Promise<T> and Output<T>. As it hits Arrays and Objects, it dives deeper, unwrapping along the way."

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