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"More than 4,500 languages are spoken around the world by more than 1,000 speakers. Language modeling as a pretraining task opens the door to developing models for previously underserved languages. For very low-resource languages where even unlabeled data is scarce, multilingual language models may be trained on multiple related languages at once, analogous to work on cross-lingual embeddings."

"Just as having one child cut the cake and giving the second child first choice of the pieces avoids either feeling envious, having two political parties sequentially divide up a state in an "I-Cut-You-Freeze" protocol would minimize the practice of gerrymandering, where a dominant political party draws districts to maximize its electoral advantage."

Further enforces two party system though.

"The models are fed a variety of inputs, and the neuron coverage, steering angle, and steering direction (left or right) outputs are recorded. Spearman rank correlation shows a statistically significant correlation between neuron coverage and steering angle outputs. Different neurons get activated for different outputs, indicating neuron coverage is a a good approximation for testing input-output diversity. Steering direction also correlates with neuron coverage."

"While working in Gitlab developers and projects create a lot of interesting events, commits, comments, releases, etc. Each of these could be shared on social networks or other types of sites. Gitlab currently supports standards like RSS for these type of events, but the ActivityPub standard would allow for realtime pushing of the events and integration with other sites that support the standard."

"[...] Electric scooters had overtaken cities across California. These vehicles looked like the Razor scooters of yore, though they had small, zippy, battery-powered engines. You could rent one with your smartphone; ride it down the street, around the neighborhood, or across the city; and then get off, tap your smartphone, and walk away. They cost about $3 per ride."

"Corporate Social Responsibility programs can attract better job applicants who’ll work for less money. But they also encourage employees to misbehave. Don’t laugh — you too probably engage in “moral licensing,” even if you don’t know it."

"Notice that nearly 30% of the smallest decile (10%) of schools were in the top 25 at some point during 1997-2000 but only 1.2% of the schools in the largest decile ever made the top 25.

Seeing this data many people concluded that small schools were better and so they began to push to build smaller schools and break up larger schools. Can you see the problem?"

"Dopamine—commonly known as the brain’s pleasure signal—has often been thought of as analogous to the reward prediction error signal used in AI reinforcement learning algorithms. [...] We propose that dopamine’s role goes beyond just using reward to learn the value of past actions and that it plays an integral role, specifically within the prefrontal cortex area, in allowing us to learn efficiently, rapidly and flexibly on new tasks."

"It is notable that throughout the monetary union period, Germany has been investing less in manufacturing than both Italy and France. And only with the crisis of 2008 has Italy’s investment in the service sector fallen substantially below that of Germany, while France has invested more in the sector than Germany almost continuously throughout monetary union."

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