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"Our progress on public roads is made possible by our deep investment in simulation. By the end of the month, we’ll cross 7 billion miles driven in our virtual world (that’s 10 million miles every single day). In simulation, we can recreate any encounter we have on the road and make situations even more challenging through “fuzzing.” We can test new skills, refine existing ones, and practice extremely rare encounters"

"Typeclasses are typically taught by drawing parallels with method overloading (another form of ad hoc polymorphism), and Java-like interfaces (a form of subtyping polymorphism).

[...] In this post I’ll try to focus on their differences and show that their similarities are only superficial."

Hazel: parts of programs that are not written yet should have a type too. Cf. Roslyn pragmatic approach to "compiler as a service" design.

"Cutting annual mean concentration of particulate matter smaller than 10 μm (PM10) in China to the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard (50 μg/m3) would move people from the median to the 63rd percentile (verbal test scores) and the 58th percentile (math test scores), respectively."

Ever wondered which version of the .NET Framework developers have on their machine and how fast they install updates? Here's 5 years of aggregate data from @postsharp CEIP users.

"What’s the next thing that Google and only Google can make Chrome do? Concerned about shared computers but you’re not Google? There is no neutral API to log someone out from Chrome and prevent data from being synced if it’s about person A logging into Facebook in person B’s Chrome profile."

"Put together, the Unwrap<T> itself is effectively a recursively defined structural pattern matching type. You can see it reference itself once you walk into UnwrappedArray<T> and UnwrappedObject<T> types. As it recurses, it matches the type it has and then ‘peels away’ the wrappings that have been caused by Promise<T> and Output<T>. As it hits Arrays and Objects, it dives deeper, unwrapping along the way."

"Coarse-grained health checks might be sufficient for orchestration systems, but prove to be inadequate to ensure quality-of-service and prevent cascading failures in distributed systems. Load balancers need application level visibility in order to successfully and accurately propagate backpressure to clients. It’s impossible for a service to degrade gracefully if it’s not possible to determine its health at any given time accurately."

"Taleb memorably compares much of the financial world to “picking up pennies in front of a steamroller” – ie, it is very easy to get small positive returns most of the time as long as you expose yourself to horrendous risk."

I guess I'll have to read the book after all.

"The F# Analyzers are using extension point provided by the FsAutoComplete which means that in current shape they can be supported only by the editors using it (and they requires some work on the plugin side of things — currently only Ionide supports them). And it means that diagnostics provided by them are visible only in the editor, not during compilation."

"DiffSharp is a functional automatic differentiation (AD) library. AD allows exact and efficient calculation of derivatives, by systematically invoking the chain rule of calculus at the elementary operator level during program execution. AD is different from numerical differentiation, which is prone to truncation and round-off errors, and symbolic differentiation, which is affected by expression swell and cannot fully handle algorithmic control flow."

"More than 4,500 languages are spoken around the world by more than 1,000 speakers. Language modeling as a pretraining task opens the door to developing models for previously underserved languages. For very low-resource languages where even unlabeled data is scarce, multilingual language models may be trained on multiple related languages at once, analogous to work on cross-lingual embeddings."

"Just as having one child cut the cake and giving the second child first choice of the pieces avoids either feeling envious, having two political parties sequentially divide up a state in an "I-Cut-You-Freeze" protocol would minimize the practice of gerrymandering, where a dominant political party draws districts to maximize its electoral advantage."

Further enforces two party system though.

"The models are fed a variety of inputs, and the neuron coverage, steering angle, and steering direction (left or right) outputs are recorded. Spearman rank correlation shows a statistically significant correlation between neuron coverage and steering angle outputs. Different neurons get activated for different outputs, indicating neuron coverage is a a good approximation for testing input-output diversity. Steering direction also correlates with neuron coverage."

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